John zawahris shooting on the campus of santa monica college

The shootings occurred in various locations about three miles south of a political fundraiser attended by President Barack Obama but Secret Service officials said the two events were not related and that the president was never in any danger.

Mom of Santa Monica gunman speaks out amid reports of family troubles

I can only imagine what this very quiet, withdrawn little boy was observing. He opened fire on the car the Francos were driving in, spraying it with bullets and killing Carlos Franco.

But there are many factors at play. It also stated "the presence of firearms, even when nonoperational and in the instructional setting, lends itself to the potential for panic and fear".

Because elementary schools, high schools and college campuses are gun-free zones and, thus, perfect targets for deranged gunmen; as tragically witnessed on many previous occasions.

Santa Monica College Shooting: Obama was in town for a fundraising visit. The LA Times is reporting that the carnage began because of sort of domestic dispute. Surveillance video footage released today shows fearful Santa Monica, Calif. I was very concerned for this little boy and his mother.

One patient initially listed in serious condition is now listed in good condition. Ultimately, Zawahri killed his father and brother Chris on Friday before killing three more people in a shooting spree at Santa Monica College. Four people besides the gunman have died from their wounds and five others wounded, including a woman who is close to death.

Zawahri, who was wearing all black, then went outside and shot a woman who was driving by. It is still not clear why Zahwahri asked to be taken to SMC. The suspect then set the home on fire.

Meadows said Abdou didn't talk about her family much, but that she had said she was divorced from her husband.

College Campus Shootings

Arezou Zakarai, who was in the library at the time of the shootings, told ABC News she was happy to be alive after the chilling ordeal. The college will be open again Monday at 7 a. Four people besides the gunman have died from their wounds and five others wounded, including a woman who is close to death.

Santa Monica police have identified the suspect as John Zawahri. If I had a gun, it would be over. Upon entering the building, Zawahri shot a woman, since identified as Margarita Gomez, 68, who was collecting recyclables at the college, in the head at point-blank range.

His motorcade was rerouted and he left safely on Air Force One.

Santa Monica gunman left apology note for killing father, brother, police say

The stills taken from the CCTV hauntingly show Zawahri marching into the building carrying a large firearm. Hide Caption 4 of 21 Photos: He was taking his daughter Marcela to buy books for summer school. Video still image shows the suspect entering the Santa Monica Library on June 7, Police had been to the suspect's residence on Yorkshire Avenue inbut they could not share details of the event because he was a juvenile at the time, Seabrook said.

Tuesday at Corsair Field, not far from where the shootings took place. He was wearing a non-load bearing vest and knee pads, reports the Los Angeles Daily News. All K schools in Santa Monica were also put on lockdown.

Who they were: Santa Monica shooting victims

But when she saw the man aim his gun at the passenger, she yelled at him to stop. · Police Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks said that the three- to four-page handwritten note was found on John Zawahri's body after he was shot and killed June 7 by officers on the campus of Santa Monica  · The teacher, who requested anonymity, on Monday recounted the incident at Olympic as Santa Monica College reopened its campus after a deadly rampage Friday in which authorities say Zawahri, armed with an assault rifle, gunned down five /la-mesanta-monica-shooting  · Slain Santa Monica gunman John Zawahri left a note apologizing for killing his father and his brother and hoping his father's estate would support his  · Zawahri then tried to evade police by entering the Santa Monica College campus, but he ended up cornered inside of its library, and was killed in a shootout, police  · Santa Monica College pageDescriptionImage Santa Monica College is the #1 transfer college to UCLA, USC, and LMU.

A world-class education and endless  · A college student shot during a gunman's rampage in Santa Monica, California, died on Sunday, the school said, two days after her father and three other people were killed in the same

John zawahris shooting on the campus of santa monica college
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11 John Zawahri Photos - The Santa Monica College Gunman